Pump Clips - Permanent

Pump Clips - Permanent
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Beer Pump Clips - Permanent

  • Add your own artwork and custom shapes
  • The ultimate finish and durability
  • Striking 3D sculptured designs
  • Die-cast metal, resin, ceramic and enamelled pump clips
  • Integrated tasting notes
  • We'll work closely with you to create something truly unique
  • Supplied with or without secure twin screw fixings
  • Perfect to showcase your brand at the point of sale
  • Simply add your artwork and enquire today
  • Minimum order quantity 100*


*Artwork can be divided across multiple brands

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Max Width: 120mm

Max Height: 200mm


Quality and Clarity

We offer the latest printing technology for exceptional print quality and clarity

You can can rely on us to keep costs to a minimum and produce a great product that shows off your brand to maximum effect.


Quick Turnaround

Working to a deadline? We can help! Our team of experts are on hand to turn your ideas into reality in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for Artwork?

Please send us high-resolution artwork. Preferably vector based with fonts converted to outlines. For best results we typically require a minimum of 300dpi. We accept a wide range of formats including PDF, EPS, PSD, AI, PNG, TIFF.  If you have any questions please get in touch with us.

What shapes are available?

Our Semi-Permanent clips are available in any shape - we'll cut to the shape of your design.

Can Semi-Permanent clips be curved?

Yes, simple curvature East-West or North-South are available. But also compound curvature or a domed shape can be achieved.

Note: pump clips printed to a mirrored-plastic cannot be curved.

Are there any tooling costs?

For printed and embossed aluminium pump clips you will need to invest in an embossing die. We also recommend the purchase of a blanking tool to cut out the aluminium shape.

For small quantities of up to 100 or so parts we can CNC cut out the parts although an investment in a CNC jig will be required. Our sales team will advise on tooling so that the most cost effective route to manufacture can be found.

What are the maximum dimensions for pump clips?

In theory pump clips can be any size but the main limiting factor will not be in manufacture but on the space on the bar.  Anything above 120mm in width means there is a danger that the pump clip will encroach upon the adjacent pump clip on the adjacent tap. So no wider than that 120mm would be a good rule of thumb. In terms of height, 200mm would be tall. Somewhere below 160mm would be in the sweet spot.

What pump clip fixings are available?

With our Semi-Permanent Pump Clips we offer a twin screw fixing and a simpler terry clip style fixing.

The twin screw fixing is applied to our permanent and sometimes requested on our semi permanent range. It is fixed to the handle, as the name would suggest by two screws and incorporates a square tasting note saddle.

The terry clip is simply forced onto the tap handle so is quick to install. The fixing of the clip to the print is usually done on bar. It has sufficient rigidity to be able to hold a relatively light print in place. It is available in black or white and has the facility for a tasting note to be fixed to it.

Can I have my pump clips individually bagged?

Our Guest clips are usually packed in 25’s separate from the plastic terry clips. They can be individually bagged at an additional cost.