Your Guide to Embossed Bar Signs

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Your Guide to Embossed Bar Signs

Interest is high in printed and embossed metal products. Rudd Macnamara uses this manufacturing technique to make metal bar signs, pump clips, tee bar lenses and tap handle branding

How Embossing Works

Embossing is a great way to introduce 3D aspects to a sign or display. Embossing creates an angle for the light to reflect off and it also creates a unique texture and feel.

Debossing is also an option - this is where certain areas of the print and metal are recessed rather than raised as with embossing.

Whether it's embossed or debossed, or a combination of the two, the eye-catching nature of the product is guaranteed - creating that all important impact at front of bar. 

Both print quality and finish are all important in achieving outstanding branding - this ensures the brand is always presented in the best possible way.

Embossed Metal Bar Signs

While lenses and pump clips are front of bar promotional items, embossed bar signs, sometimes called Tin-Tackers, are a great alternative way to promote a brand.

This can be for merchandising or on display in outlets where there might be an opportunity to promote a brand other than on bar. The printed and embossed bar signs open up brand promotional opportunities other than on bar and the emboss can transform the artwork from something which looks run of the mill, to something special, outstanding and unique.

When embossing, hard tooling is required in the manufacturing process in order to form and shape the metal. The cost of this tooling is relatively modest and is not usually a barrier in purchasing embossed branding.

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